Fledgling's perch-hopping and Bobby's soaring - June 26th, 2012

I had missed just about all the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawk activity by the time I could get to visit the Hawks today. But what I did get to see was quite the treat. I couldn't tell if I saw just one or both fledglings since it got pretty dark in the trees. Bobby was the only parent I saw during my visit.

The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days. Another heat wave is expected to engulf the area by the weekend and will last into early next week so we will have to enjoy this reprieve while we can.

Fledgling atop a building at the southwest corner:

It flew to the roof of the NYU Law Building (across the street). My back had been turned when it flew off its perch but its loud cries as it flew from perch to perch caught my attention and I was lucky to whip around fast enough to see it land on its new perch.

En route to a building outside the western side of the park:

The fledgling looked like it was peeking in the window at one point. I hope the residents were home to see the Hawk on their window sill!

Back in the park:

Obeying all traffic laws while flying south on Washington Square West:

The photo below gives you a decent view of the area I and fellow Hawk-watchers refer to as Quantico or The Hunting Grounds. It's the fenced-off area of the park that has been undergoing renovation for at least a year. Bobby taught Pip how to hunt for prey there last season and had trained this year's fledglings how to hunt there as well. The fledglings have been fast learners and haven't needed his training for about a couple of weeks. They have been seen catching and eating their own prey on occasion although they still seem to rely on food provided by their parents the majority of the time.

Fellow Hawk-watchers discovered a pellet on one of the lawns earlier in the day and showed it to me. They took some of it apart to have a look at what meal bits may be inside. I got to see a small bird foot pretty clearly:

Squirrel passing by:

Bobby soared over the park square and landed on Judson Memorial Church's cross:

He soared over the park for a couple of minutes:

Soaring far east:

He flew out of sight over the southwestern corner and beyond.

A fledgling had been seen on the Holley monument but I couldn't reach it in time to have a look. But I did see when it landed on a tree at The Hunting Grounds. It was getting late so I had to go.