Fledgling, Bobby, then Rosie visit the nest - June 4th, 2012

7:15AM. One of the fledglings visited the nest earlier this morning. Thanks to a friend who let me know. I put on the cam to watch what happened; taking screen shots along the way.

Bobby entered the nest as well:

The baby cried and leaned in to Bobby as if trying to get food from his beak. The baby also grabbed the rat body that was in the nest and took it, keeping it from Bobby. The fledgling also made slight  biting/poking motions at Bobby (as if to deter him from trying to take the rat for himself).

Bobby is seen jumping off the nest ledge:

As of 8:15AM the fledgling is still on the ledge.



Because of this visit, I re-embedded the nest cam at the bottom of my blog and will keep it on for a while since we never know when one of the hawks may stop by.

*Update: The fledgling was already off the nest by the time I arrived at work but was apparently still there at 8:50AM as seen and reported by a friend who was able to go to the park to have a look.

*Update - 1:15PM. A fledgling was in the nest (perhaps the same one as earlier today). This behavior is pretty fascinating considering Pip did not return to the nest after fledging last year. Screen shot from a couple of minutes ago:

Moments after, Rosie flew to the nest. She toyed with some nesting material in her beak. The fledgling cried and seemed to beg for food:

Rosie then flew off the nest. The fledgling flew immediately after her, seeming to follow her. Incredible sight!