Fledgling togetherness and family dinner - June 5th, 2012



Rosie joined Bobby on the cross. She's on the right:

She left the cross and flew west from the park:

Fledgling on Bobst Library:

It flew to NYU's Pless Building which overlooks the eastern side of the park:

Rosie sat high above NYU housing a block south of the park (Bobst Library on the right):

Fledgling preening:

Its sibling flew by and landed on a nearby structure. The fledgling hopped up at the sight of its sibling and moved closer to it:

Fledgling in the middle of the photo, dropping down to get closer to its sibling:


The first fledgling joined its sibling on the structure. It was endearing to see the two palling around together. Hawk-watching friends of mine who have been in the park while I've been at work have told me they have seen them together several times before.

The sibling jumped down to a lower section of the Pless complex to have dinner:

Watching the feasting from above:

Rosie joined the fledgling:

The two babies and Rosie spent several minutes together on the building:

One of the fledglings flew to a high perch in a nearby tree and settled in to roost:

Rosie and the other fledgling continued to eat:

Rosie brought some of the food to the arch to finish eating:

I lost sight of her.

I had to leave for the night so I bid Bobby farewell: