Rather uneventful Red-tailed Hawk visit - June 8th, 2012

I missed a lot of Washington Square Park Hawk action while I was at work. Friends in the park contacted me throughout the day and reported seeing a fledgling at the western side of the park with Bobby and Rosie. The Hawks were in the fenced-off area of the park referred to as "Quantico" or "the hunting grounds". That section of the park is called that because it is where Bobby took Pip last summer to teach her how to hunt. Some links to Pip's training are herehere and here.

At Quantico, Bobby killed a rat and left it on the ground. The fledgling spent a little while with it on the ground. It took the rat in its talons and flew away with it but lost hold of it when landing on a precarious perch nearby. That's ok; baby steps!

One of the fledglings also perched on the park arch not half an hour before I arrived at the park. By the time I got to the park the Hawks were still active but hunting and eating times had passed.


Flying toward and down West 3rd Street (a block south of the park). She swooped behind Bobst Library:

On the corner of Kimmel Center (overlooking the southern side of the park):

Bobby on a flag pole overlooking the fledglings:

I watched as both fledglings flew from Pless to the top of Goddard Hall, landing one after the other. They spend lots of time together and already have their favored, regular building perches:

They were quite the cry babies this evening.

Rosie flew to the side of NYU's Silver Center. One of the fledglings joined her. Rosie is at the window on the left, the fledgling is at the window to the right:

Rosie circled above:

The other fledgling joined its sibling at Silver:

Rosie landed on one of the flag poles above the fledglings:


One of the fledglings flew to the top of Bobst Library:

It was fun 'head on a swivel' time for me. I had to track the Bobst fledgling, Rosie, and the Silver Center fledgling for any new move they may make.

The Silver Center fledgling had watched its sibling fly to the library and decided to follow it:

Rosie landed on a lamp post in the middle of the park:

She flew to the roof of Judson Memorial Church:

She ran up the roof (it was pretty funny watching her):

After soaring for a little while she landed on Silver again:

She was soon back on a flag pole:

Fledgling still on Bobst Library:

The other fledgling flew to and landed on the park-facing side of NYU's Pless building:

One of the parents flew from Silver toward Pless. I lost sight of it though:

Pless fledgling settling in to rest:

The Bobst Library fledgling settled in to rest too:

The sunset was so pretty during my walk home.

I got caught in a small rain shower during my walk home. I heard from a hawk-watching companion that it rained in the park for a little bit too after I had left but that the fledglings stayed where they were, unaffected by the shower.