Saturday morning adventures with the Hawk family - June 23rd, 2012

Fledgling in the fenced-off area called The Hunting Grounds, or Quantico:

The coloring is off a bit since I had to photograph through the gaps in the chain link fence:

The fledgling's sibling was on the ground. We had several thunder and rainstorms pass through the area the previous afternoon and evening so the soil was muddy and there were small puddles scattered about. 

The fledgling sunk down as far as she could into one of the puddles to take a brief bath:

She drank some of the water as well.

Muddy feet:

Both kids together:

The first fledgling hopped down to the ground herself:

She went to a leftover rat that was on the ground:

Scrunch and spring:

The other fledgling was sitting near Rosie (who is on the left). I'm afraid this was the best photo I could get of them together: 

A fledgling flew to Bobby and made it so he was forced off his perch:

Poor Bobby cannot catch a break! There will come a time in the next few weeks though when the kids will be driven out (or leave of their own accord) and urged to find their own territory.

I spotted Bobby and Rosie seated together on a light post just outside the park:

Bobby on the left, Rosie on the right:

Rosie had flown a block south of the park, landing on a fire escape on Sullivan and West 3rd Streets:

A fellow Hawk-watcher informed me that Rosie had roosted on that fire escape a few months ago. I just love that the Hawks have these favorite perches all around the area.

I heard one of the fledglings crying out from the park. I turned to see it harassing Bobby out of his tree:

Back to Rosie:

Rosie above, Bobby below:


He soared and circled around Rosie who moved to the Judson Memorial Church cross:

He landed just below her:

One of the fledglings scared up a flock of pigeons as she made her way across the park and near where I was standing:

Bobby and Rosie:


I saw the other fledgling eating on the large lawn the Hawks had been frequenting often the last several days:



Happy shake:

She flew directly toward me. It was such a thrill!

She chirped for a few seconds when she reached me and flew past me on my left. The Hawks chirp often when they fly, Rosie especially whenever she has food.

The fledgling landed in a tree in Quantico.

Her sibling was in a tree several yards away. They were both relaxed and seemed to be settling in for a long break so I took that chance to leave for the day.