Solo fledgling on day two of heat wave - June 21st, 2012

Today was the second day of this season's first major heat wave. It was 91 degrees at Washington Square Park but it felt like 96. It was not as hot as yesterday but was just as, if not more, uncomfortable.

I found only one of the resident Red-tailed Hawks during my brief visit. It was one of the fledglings. She was sitting atop the Judson Memorial Church cross. 

I have no idea why this bird would sit up in the direct sun on such a scorcher unless to enjoy the slightly cooler breezes and to have a great 360 view.

What was undeniable was that she was uncomfortable enough to pant:


I was too uncomfortable to stay any longer. The other Hawks were surely smarter than I was and were probably tucked in a cooler area (out of the sun and away from the street and traffic).

View from the other side of the church: