Squirrel catch and the start of a heat wave - June 20th, 2012

It was 93 degrees (but a "real feel" temperature of 99) in Washington Square Park. The heat and humidity were brutal and the Hawks panted and half-spread their wings often in an attempt to cool down.  

When I arrived at the park I saw the huge birds carrying on at the wide lawn they'd been seen at the last few days.

Both juveniles were on the ground, flying and interacting with each other. 


One of the fledglings flew from a tree to a bench and right next to a young lady. She took out her iPhone and snapped a pretty good photo of the Hawk! The woman was startled but kept calm and trusted me and another person when we assured her the bird would not hurt her.

Rosie was in a nearby tree, watching the juveniles and trying to cool down.

Out of focus but a fun photo nonetheless:

Rosie dove off her branch and to a squirrel sitting on the side of a tree. She caught and killed it instantly. 

One of the fledglings got excited and started crying and begging for the food:

The other fledgling came over to watch and beg as well:

Rosie hauled the squirrel away a bit:

One of the fledglings eventually snatched it away from Rosie and dragged it away a few feet.

Rosie's job was done so she flew to a nearby perch:



The fledgling that was on the tree swooped down:

Rosie dove into pigeons:

Bobby appeared and watched everything from high up:

Rosie flew to the fenced-off area of the park and to the structure that held the bath water she enjoyed taking a dip in a few weeks ago. She inspected it to see if there was water inside (presumably to cool down):

Bobby flew from area to area:

Rosie watched him for a few seconds. 

She did dive into the bottom of the structure but I don't know if she got wet enough. 

The fledglings were tussling over the food:


They had both eaten a bit of the meal. One that had eaten for the most amount of time took a break to wash up:

The air was so obviously hot and thick from the heat and humidity because the scent of the squirrel body quickly attracted a swarm of bottle flies:



Squirrel leg:

Treed fledgling:

Rosie and ground fledgling:

Both fledglings were now on higher perches.

Rosie dropped down to the meal:

But true to form, a fledgling interrupted her attempt to have a bit to eat and came crashing down:

Rosie left:

The other fledgling made a go at Rosie as well:


She landed on the Holley Monument:



This fledgling's feet are huge:

Fledgling and Rosie:

A fledgling picked up what was left of the squirrel and brought it to a branch:

Rosie followed it there:

After a couple of minutes, Rosie left to go to another tree. She stayed at that new tree for a while and relaxed and preened.

Fledgling with the squirrel bit:

She left the bit on the branch, probably for leftovers. She found a tree in the shade to sit on:

I saw Bobby on a corner of the NYU Law building as I was leaving the park:

He hopscotched to other perches while moving east: