Sunday's Washington Square Park Hawk visit - June 24th, 2012

The fledglings were pretty relaxed when I arrived at the park.

Rosie was high on a building top at the southwestern end corner: 

She flew off, circled around, then headed east over the park:


The fledgling joined its sibling:

Playing with and pouncing on sticks:

Super cute when looking curiously at squirrels:

Another squirrel ran under the Hawk, making it hop about to avoid it:

Missed a squirrel or rat:

Standoff until the squirrel ran away:

Cooling off on the Holley Monument (a shame the bright sunlight on the wings confused my camera at first):

One of the fledglings landed on a park bench. It didn't take long for someone to get close to take a snap:

More playing with bits on the lawn:

The other fledgling dropped down on its own lawn too:

Hopping on and dominating a stick:

Playing with tree bark:

Spitting it out:

Picking it up again:

Other fledgling:

I could hardly believe it but the two fledglings flew across a bit of the park together:

One of the fledglings passing over a crowd:

Catching its breath after landing:

Another play fight:

Bobby soared high above:

Really, really high:

Chasing a squirrel during a flyby:

Missed! The squirrel jumped out of the way and into the brush:

Flying close by people:

Siblings together again:

One of the little Hawks landed in brush for prey. As expected, another curious person walked right up to it to take a close photo:

The Hawk came up with nothing:

Scaring up some pigeons during a flyby:

Back in a tree and hopping about:

Nipping some tree bark:

Rosie back on the southwestern corner building: