Bobby on board and fledgling's squirrel snack - July 7th, 2012

It was the hottest day of the year today. We reached a very muggy 99 degrees. I made a point of going to the park as early as I could before it got too hot.

One of the fledglings drifted in one straight line from a tree to a bench with feet dropped down. It really is one of the best sights ever and I was disappointed I couldn't capture it.

Bobby was the main parent in Washington Square Park during my visit. Rosie was the main parent yesterday.

A fledgling swooped in to knock Bobby off his branch (Bobby on the right):



A fledgling flew to the ledge over the entrance of the NYU Law Building: 

It picked up the remains of a squirrel. Leftovers.

It circled around and flew right over me and a couple of other Hawk-watchers with me. The flyby was so close!

Sitting on a building ledge on the block west of the park:

The fledgling carried its haul down the block, across the street, then to another building top. The Hawk looked pretty funny during its flight because the squirrel seemed heavy and was weighing the bird down a bit:

Back in the park. I'm not sure if this was the same fledgling as the building one:

Bobby was in a tree overlooking the fledgling in the grass:


Bobby is looking slightly paler these days. My camera only accentuated his lighter coloring.

The two fledglings joined up and started playing together:

Swooping to a squirrel:

A fledgling bullied Bobby off yet another tree. He then flew to a lamp post at the southwest corner (where Rosie perched for a few minutes last Saturday):

Preening fledgling:

Squirrel drinking water from one of the many little basins left around the park:

Sure, it's cute-looking when a squirrel drinks water but I've seen plenty of rats drink water from these tubs as well (which doesn't help keep the vermin population down).


Nice stretch:

The fledgling flew to a big tree at the southwest park entrance:

It was scanning the grass and potted plants at the base of the tree for prey:

The fledgling dropped down to the ground beneath the tree:

The Hawk would flinch when hearing loud trucks rattle by or loud car brakes. I was glad in a way to see that reaction because it meant the bird was not too complacent or trusting during its vulnerable stay on the ground.

Had it been cooler weather today a large crowd would have formed at the fence near the Hawk. But only two or three people stopped to watch the bird with me (and for about only a minute). 

The fledgling flew to a tree along the southern side of the park:

After a few minutes it flew to a tree further into the park:

It was a good time for me to leave for the day (I'd been at the park about 2 1/2 hours and was not comfortable because of the weather so I took the chance to go home).