Butterflies and soaring siblings - July 1st, 2012

It was yet another sizzling day in New York today. The Washington Square Park Hawk fledglings were the only Hawks I got to see. One of the adults was seen by Hawk-watchers who were in the park before I arrived so it's assumed the parents were well and were keeping a low and cool profile.

Fledgling on a lawn:

Post-happy shake:

Chasing butterflies:

Yellow butterfly on the left:

The butterfly flew to the right:

It landed behind the Hawk who turned and chased it again:

The butterfly is on the right:

Other fledgling:

It flew to the trees. Its sibling landed on a new lawn:

Yawning while watching squirrels walk up and down the tree:

Flying in front of the buildings at the northeastern corner of the park:

Landing at One Fifth Avenue:

Landing on Two Fifth Avenue (across the street):

The other fledgling flew from the trees and to the top of a low building lining the park:

It too landed on Two Fifth Avenue, a few terraces below the other sibling:

Both siblings soared and circled in the sky together for several minutes:

Landing on One Fifth, crying during its flight:

Traffic rolled down Fifth Avenue as usual:

The Hawk stayed perched on One Fifth for forty five minutes. I waited and waited for it to fly off. I eventually gave up waiting and walked further into the park to look for the other Hawks. I didn't see any so I went home to cool down and attend to my chores.