Email Notifications feature for new posts still not working

Hi, all. It seems the Email Notification feature still isn't working. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a way for Blogger and FeedBurner to automatically notify people via email when a blogger they've subscribed to has posted a new post.

I subscribed to my blog from a different email account to test the notification feature and never got the email saying my last post was up (I gave it 24 hours but still no luck). Sorry about that. It's a feature I don't have control over and I was hoping Blogger and FeedBurner would sort out the snafu. It's been months and I checked online and apparently this is a problem for many bloggers and their subscribers.

I guess that means you'll have to keep checking my blog day and night for new posts! :)

I heard if you use a feed reader, the RSS feed reader feature does still work so that's one way you can automatically find out when I've posted something new.

Here are handy instructions on how to get set up with Google Reader for instance:
  1. Set up a Google account:
    • If you already have a Google account, you can skip this step.
    • Go to Google Accounts.
    • Look in the lower right-hand corner. Click on the Create an Account link or button.
    • Sign-up.
    • Make sure you write down your new email address and password.
  2. Set up a Google Reader Account:
    • Go to Google Reader.
    • Sign into your new account, using your Google login credentials.
    • You should have a new screen with some pre-populated posts.
  3. Start adding subscriptions: Nearly every site has an RSS feed, and you can usually find it by scrolling around and hunting for the little RSS logo (a little orange box with three white waves). What makes Google Reader particularly useful is that it can take any old Web site URL and find the RSS feed on its own. If you do not quite remember the name of the site, or the exact URL, Google Reader has a built in directory you can search by keyword. There's also a neat feature called "bundles" that has over a dozen themed groups of preselected feeds you can subscribe to at once. Adding one of these bundles organizes the newly subscribed feeds into a handy folder:
    • Thus, you have three options:
      1. Click on the Add a Subscription button. It is in the upper left-hand corner of Google Reader.
      2. Visit the blog you want to add and click on the RSS button. Most blogs have this prominently displayed.
      3. Click on the universal RSS button in the address bar of your browser.
    • Start adding a few subscriptions.
    • Optionally add each subscription to a folder using the "Manage Subscriptions" link in the bottom left hand corner.
    • Google Reader also allows you to share articles and stories by email or by using the "share" link at the bottom of any given entry.

You can subscribe to my blog via several different readers. You don't necessarily have to use Google Reader.

On the right-hand side of my home page is the word SUBSCRIBE! with an orange RSS box and the word "Posts" placed underneath. Click on "Posts" and a list of readers will appear to choose from. You can then subscribe to my blog via one of those readers. Once subscribed to my blog and logged into your reader of choice, my posts will load and new ones will appear as soon as I publish them.

I subscribe to several blogs and love using a reader. It saves you from having to open new pages to see each site. Instead, a reader consolidates all your subscriptions into one window.

I hope this helps!

I can let you know now that I was not in the park yesterday (I was sick and stayed home from work) and won't be out today (we're experiencing thunder, lightning, and rainstorms now which will last into the evening). I hope to be back in the park soon!