Fledgling Hawk and dive-bomber - July 23rd, 2012

I was minutes from leaving Washington Square Park with no Red-tailed Hawks to be seen when all of a sudden I heard one of the fledglings crying as it flew over the park and the street I was standing at:

Luckily my camera focused on the Hawk and not the light pole:

The fledgling landed on a building at the southwestern corner of the park:

It was immediately set upon by a Kestrel:

Both birds of prey yelled at each other.

The fledgling had enough and flew away but could not escape the Kestrel easily:

The fledgling found a new perch on a building outside the southern border of the park:

I watched it sit at this new perch for twenty minutes. It made no indication it was going to fly somewhere new so I left for the evening.