No fledglings, one adult - July 12th, 2012

It was a bit of a sad visit to Washington Square Park today. I think, but I can't be sure, that I saw one fledgling soar over Bobst Library then again soar above the Law Building. But that sighting was only for two or three seconds. There were no fledglings to be found the rest of my visit (something I have to get used to).

It was while looking behind the Law Building when I saw one of the adult Hawks sitting on a satellite dish above a building on West 3rd Street (between Sullivan and MacDougal Streets). So I have to wonder if the Hawk I saw soaring was the same adult bird.

Attacked by a Peregrine Falcon:

The Hawk flew very high in the sky as it headed north. After searching for one hour for the Hawk and the fledglings in and around the park, I came up with nothing. 

It's time to face facts and accept the fledglings will leave the area altogether any day now as they seek their own territory to live in. It was just surprising to not see either of them during the hour and a half I was in the park today. It made for a bittersweet time.