One fledgling for less than one minute - July 19th, 2012

Today was a day of unlucky timing Hawking-wise. Although I spent an hour and a half in the park searching for any of the Washington Square Park Hawks, I only managed to see one of the fledglings for a few seconds. It was better than nothing of course but it was a shame my sighting was so brief.

The fledgling was sitting on the broom someone put on the roof of NYU's Silver Center months ago:

Building and Hawk from a distance.. park arch on the right:

The fledgling flew off her perch and headed north along the street lining the park (Washington Square East). She was flying in the direction of Union Square Park but I could not see if she flew so far as to reach that park. 

I searched the few blocks north of the park in case she was hunting near the pigeons that hang out there. I did not venture as far as Union Square Park in case the fledgling was closer to Washington Square Park.

I gave up and went home after searching for her and the other Hawks for another forty five minutes (both in and outside the park). Better luck next time!