Pale Male's second fledgling has been rescued! July 26th, 2012

10:15AM. I just received the good news that park rangers were able to successfully capture Pale Male's sick fledgling from the park and are on their way to bringing it to local rehabbers WINORR (Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation) for medical evaluation and treatment.

The fledgling was on a low enough branch for the ranger to be able to reach it. It was previously sitting on too high a branch for capture.

Do check in on WINORR's Facebook page for updates:

**Update from about 12:50PM via WINORR's Facebook page:

"Thanks to Ranger Rob (NYC Parks Dept. Urban Park Ranger ) we now have the other ill sibling which he picked up this morning in Central Park. He's been monitoring the other fledgling and this morning was very low and looking lethargic and Rob knew catching it and getting it in for treatment was the best chance the bird has. Even though last night it appeared more alert today was back again looking tired. That is the pattern witnessed in past poisoning cases .Good days and bad but eventually can be fatal if untreated . He did not witness either parent an the area or the last remaining sibling today."