Resting fledgling and Busy Bobby - July 2nd, 2012

The temperatures have lowered a bit across the city. Today's high was 'only' 88 degrees Fahrenheit. It was a welcome cool-down!

A fledgling was resting after a meal in a tree at the western side of Washington Square Park when I arrived:

Bobby was soaring in the eastern part of the sky.

In front of Silver Center:

He soared out of sight but reappeared several minutes later when zooming across the park, heading north:

He disappeared yet again. A friend and I searched the sky and nearby buildings for about fifteen minutes with no luck. We then saw Bobby fly off his perch at One Fifth Avenue. He was in plain view of us the whole time! He must have been pretty nicely tucked onto his perch because I think we would have noticed him otherwise. 

He was being chased and dive-bombed by a Mockingbird:

He escaped the Mockingbird then flew from the northern part of the park to the west and out of sight again.

I had to leave for the day but Rosie and one of the fledglings were reported seen a block south of the park so it was good to know all the Hawks were accounted for today.