The two Hawk fledglings, back in action! - July 13th, 2012

The two Washington Square Park Hawk fledglings were out and about just like old times today. They played with and around each other the 2 1/2 hours I was with them. 

The little Hawk swooped around and landed on the bench I had been standing near when I was photographing it in the trees. The Hawks sometimes circle around and land on their original perches like boomerangs.

I had talked briefly with the seated woman before the Hawk flew off the tree:

She was not frightened by the Hawk's nearness. She told me she was reaching into her tote bag to take out her camera to photograph her visitor:

But the Hawk flew off the bench before she got the chance to take a pic:

Its sibling was in Quantico, or The Hunting Grounds:

Playing with sod:

The above fledgling flew across the park from south to north (arch on the left):

I followed the Hawk to the other side of the park but as soon as I got there, it flew back across the park! Geez!

Back with its tennis ball toy:

Sibling looking on:

Dropped her ball:

But saw it roll into view: