Update on Pale Male's fledglings

11:20PM. Update from WINORR's Facebook page from about a half hour ago:

"The Fifth Avenue fledgling had bloodwork done today and we should have results tomorrow. He looked a little better than yesterday , is perching well and bright eyed and alert this morning and is keeping food down. We are treating it even before results for poisoning and frounce too but don't know how much pigeon is eaten compared to definite rats being consumed regularly."

The other fledgling still in Central Park had moved to another tree but was still sitting with eyes shut much of the time. It would open its left eye partway but its right eye stayed shut. Hawk-watchers were with the fledgling until very late in the evening.

According to Avianweb.com, frounce is defined as: "The avian disease Trichomoniasis is also commonly referred to as "pigeon canker" or simply "canker” or “roup,” and, in hawks, it is known as “frounce.”

The organism "Trichomonas gallinae" lives in the sinuses, mouth, throat, esophagus and other organs. This disease occurs worldwide in warm climates or during warm weather. In captivity, they may occur at any time of the year."

Here is the link with a detailed article on frounce: http://www.avianweb.com/canker.html

I take this opportunity to again post WINORR's address in case you wish to send them a donation (whether in money or supplies) to assist them in the great work that they do:

202 N. Wyoming Avenue
N. Massapequa , N.Y. 11758