Bobby and Rosie perched on high - August 2nd, 2012

I spotted one of the adult Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks perched high on One Fifth Avenue today. One Fifth is the tallest apartment building in the area. It stands across the street from the northern border of the park.

Hawk shape on the right-hand side:


It was around this point when a sparrow perched in the Gingko tree I was standing under pooped on my head. Noooo! Well, they do say it's good luck for a bird to poop on your head, right? Luckily I had a cloth handkerchief with me to clean myself with.

The Hawk I was watching turned out to be Bobby:

Leg stretch:

To my delight, I saw Rosie's red tail poking up as she stretched a little. Before then, I had no idea she was sitting with Bobby. It was pretty endearing to know they were sitting together for so long. Now that their parenting duties are over, they can relax more together.

I had been with the Hawks for an hour, watching and waiting to see if one or both would fly off to hunt, go to Union Square Park, or go to their roost(s) for the evening. I was keeping my eyes open for any sign of the fledglings in the area as well but did not see them.