Bobby and Rosie's Treeness - August 4th, 2012

Happily for me, I found Rosie on one of her favorite branches when I arrived at Washington Square Park today. She was sitting near the southern border of the park.

I was with her for twenty minutes before she flew to another perch: 

A cheeky squirrel approached her and challenged her but she expanded her wings and ran a couple of steps toward it, chasing it away.


The squirrel in the crotch of the tree:

After ten minutes she flew to a tree toward the center of the park:

I noticed Bobby in a tree nearby so went to see what he was up to:

Panting from the heat:


After an hour and ten minutes, he sought a new perch:

Rosie flew to a tree near him but I soon lost sight of her in the foliage.

The action picked up at this point. Bobby continued to fly from perch to perch:

He flew out of the park, perching on the smaller of the two Judson Memorial Church crosses:

He flew back into the park.

I spotted Rosie again when I reentered the grounds:

A kind lady who was watching me and another photographer friend following the Hawks pointed Rosie out to us. She was sitting on a building at the northwestern corner of the park:

From a cloudy backdrop to the blue sky. Nice!

Flying around One Fifth Avenue, the large apartment building north of the park:

Flying behind Two Fifth Avenue:

I lost track of both Bobby and Rosie. I searched the few blocks north of the park for any sign of them but never saw them again. I had been at the park for three hours already and was pretty worn out from the heat and humidity.

I did not see or hear the two fledglings so either they were tucked away on a building, at Union Square Park, or perhaps far, far away already.