Follow the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge's Osprey's flights

Photo credit: National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy

The Osprey Project Team (from left): Ranger Dave Taft, Coleman P. Burke, Dr. Robert Kennedy, Don Riepe, Ranger Colleen Sorbera.

As you may remember from my Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge visit post from May, the National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy, a nonprofit group, fitted the Refuge's resident male Osprey (named Coley after the Harbor Conservancy's Board Director C.P. Burke) with a GPS transmitter for research and tracking purposes. You can sign up to receive regular email updates on the Osprey by visiting The site hopes to have the bird's live flight patterns up and running soon so you won't have to wait for email updates.

I signed up recently and received the following email (accompanied by the great photos above):

We are excited to be able to share with you the travels of an adult male Osprey currently nesting in Jamaica Bay.

Working with ornithologist Dr. Robert Kennedy, the Harbor Conservancy and Gateway National Recreation Area have outfitted an Osprey at the wildlife refuge with a satellite tracker to follow his journeys, including his yearly migration south. Our plan is to track the bird for two years.

See a great story in The New York Times about the project.

A website on our Osprey with a map of his daily flights will soon be available at We will email you periodic updates in the meantime.