Rosie (?) Hawk after the rain - August 10th, 2012

It rained heavily in the morning which curtailed my Hawk-watching. A friend and I went to Washington Square Park to look for the baby from yesterday as soon as the sky cleared. Unfortunately, we didn't find either fledgling despite looking within and around the park for a good two hours.

Shot of the nest from below:

I'm pretty sure, though I can't be certain, that this was Rosie soaring from behind Judson Memorial Church (south side of the park):

Zoomed in:

The Hawk soared in circles above the park then flew north in a straight line:

I scoured the block north of the park for her since it looked like she swooped low and may have perched on one of the buildings there. No luck. The friend I was Hawking with called me to let me know a Hawk was on a building at the southwest corner of the park. It looked like Rosie! She had returned to the park without anyone seeing.

Cormorants soaring together above the park:


Heading north and out of sight: