Southeastern Central Park Hawk from August 6th, 2012

It had been a while since I had a chance to visit Central Park and look for the Red-tailed Hawk that resides by the southeastern corner of the park. I saw it yesterday during my work lunch hour. The Hawk was flying above Grand Army Plaza as usual.

Flying near what looked like a Peregrine Falcon or Kestrel:

The smaller bird had probably just been dive-bombing it.

The Hawk landed on a building just south of the park, along 59th Street. It was immediately set upon by dive-bombing Mockingbirds:

The birds were below one of the cornices of the building on the right:

Zoomed in again:

The Hawk flew in my direction, swooped around, then hovered into a landing on The Plaza:

Shadowed by a Mockingbird:

The Hawk almost seemed to look down at me but how could that be? I was so far below it and among dozens of moving people and cars and carriage horses. Still fun to imagine it was looking at me though:

A shot of The Plaza from inside the park. Spot the Hawk (this is a pretty easy one):

Lunch time was over so I had to say goodbye.