Washington Square Park fledgling sighting! August 8th, 2012

I hadn't seen either of the two fledglings since July 30th so I was pretty excited to see one atop Judson Memorial Church tonight. It had a full crop so it was no surprise it sat in the same place the three hours I was with it. It was digesting and relaxing but not without a little Peregrine Falcon drama at one point.

An adult in the distance could have been Rosie but it was too difficult to tell who it was (whether Rosie or Bobby):

Yelling at a dive-bombing Peregrine Falcon:

Peregrine in the distance:

Not until the sun set did the fledgling stir and fly off its perch:

Flying north toward One Fifth Avenue apartment building:

On One Fifth:

Arch in the foreground:

Soaring in circles north of the park then out of sight: