Bobby hunting briefly then roosting with Rosie - September 28th, 2012

Because I had believed in the weather forecast that called for rain all day and night, I left my camera at home today before leaving for work. Of course, as it turned out, the rain stopped and we had clear skies most of the day. I decided to visit Washington Square Park after work to see if I could find Rosie or Bobby.

It did pour for a few minutes after I stepped out of the subway station but stopped as soon as I got to the park.

In lieu of photos tonight, here are my little sketches of what I saw today!

Bobby showed up on the cross right on schedule (he showed up on the cross at 5:30 last night, 5:39 tonight):

After ten minutes he flew over the western side of the park, just as he did last night:

He swooped from one tree to another and sat in one of them for twenty minutes:

He disappeared from sight. 

I went to the center of the square to see if I could find him again.

He (or perhaps it was Rosie?) was sitting atop NYU's Silver Center purple flag pole:

After almost ten minutes, the Hawk jumped off the pole and soared above the eastern side of the park before landing on one of the chimneys of the building on the corner of University Place and Washington Square North:

Fifteen minutes later, the Hawk soared again above the eastern side of the park before landing on one of the white round antennas on top of NYU's Education Building:

A few minutes later, it flew south between the Education Building and Shimkin Hall:

I and a couple of other Hawk-watching friends followed its general direction and stood on the corner of Washington Square South and Mercer Street. I saw the Hawk fly north on Mercer Street:

It was heading straight for its mate who was sitting on a fire escape!

It was a pure delight to see Rosie and Bobby roost together on the top level of the fire escape. Winds were coming from the northwest and I had to wonder if that roost was chosen because the side of the building protected them from the strong breeze.

One of my companions added that the large overhanging cornice served as a fine roof. It provided a good shelter from the rain. It was night time by then so we all went home.