Bobby's pigeon breakfast - September 23rd, 2012

My first sighting of Bobby this morning was when I saw his big shape soaring above the trees I was under at Washington Square Park. I watched as he landed on the round-topped building behind Judson Memorial Church. 

He spotted his pigeon prey sitting on the roof of the NYU Law building nearby:

He tucked in and shot like a bullet:

Same photo but zoomed in:

He caught his pigeon and brought it to another portion of the Law building roof:

Post-meal soaring above the southwestern part of the park:

He moved east and started soaring above that portion of the park next:

Too small a perch. Moving on:

He became one with the ozone as it were, soaring high above and heading far east.

I heard he was spotted on Judson Memorial Church's cross hours later which was welcome news (instead of him being MIA the whole rest of the day).