Full Saturday morning with Rosie and Bobby - September 15th, 2012

Rosie and Bobby were in fine form this morning in Washington Square Park. I spent just over three hours with them.

Rosie was easy to spot right away:

She had made a go at something but was unsuccessful. She then flew to a nearby lamp post:

She caught a squirrel at her next attempt:

Bobby was in a tree near where I was standing.

He had to contend with his own squirrel that was harassing him.

I ran over to where Rosie had taken her squirrel:

She walked a few steps with it:

A squirrel bugged Rosie at her new perch before finally leaving her alone:

She didn't seem all that hungry so she left her catch on the branch for another time.

She descended to a park bench below, apparently after missing catching a pigeon:

Bobby in a tree near the original one I saw him in at the start of the day:

Rosie preening:


He flew to a new tree:

He sat relaxed for so long, I took my chance to leave the park for the day.