Rosie and Bobby's 'new' nest activity - September 2nd, 2012

Bobby was in flight as soon as I arrived by Washington Square Park today. He was flying from the direction of Bobst Library, over West 4th Street, and to a building at the corner:

Perched on NYU's Education Building (southeast corner of the park):

Flying across the street and onto the NYU Shimkin Hall window ledge, site of their new nest:

The Hawks have been seen bringing twigs to the new location many times over the last few weeks. It remains to be seen if the Hawks will continue to fortify the nest and use it for their springtime brood.

Bobby then flew from the window ledge to the top of Bobst Library. I did not manage to get a decent photo of that flight.

Larger view of Shimkin. Bobby and Rosie are fortifying a nest at either the first or second window from the left (2nd window down from the top). They bring material to both window ledges so we're not sure exactly which window is the preferred one:

Rosie flew onto the window ledge:

Rosie had flown to a corner just south:

Bobby appeared and flew to a corner of NYU's Silver Center building (eastern side of the park):

He only stayed at that perch for two minutes:

Same photo as above but zoomed in:

He landed on the Shimkin nest ledge:

Rosie flew from above Bobst to the side of Shimkin:

She flew off after a minute:

She flew to the top of Shimkin and out of view.

After a few minutes she reappeared, flying toward the top of Bobst Library with a bit of a paper bag in her beak:

She then flew from Bobst to the Shimkin window ledge with the bag:

Bobby rose from his position at the left-hand window soon after Rosie was perched (she's on the right):

His activity caught her interest:

She joined him at the window. He was still there, just tucked further back.

She flew off the ledge, flew north, then out of sight while turning east:

She reappeared and landed on NYU's Kimmel Center (along the southern side of the park but further west):

She then flew behind the building and out of sight.


He followed her:

He flew back toward the Shimkin nest (flying in front of Bobst Library). 

He flew north and out of the park:

I saw a Peregrine Falcon and watched it for a couple of seconds, wondering what it may be up to...

All of a sudden, my hawk-watching friends and I saw Rosie getting chased by the falcon and its companion. We all let out a collective, "Oooooh" when we saw the action!

After ten minutes of sitting and preening, she flew southeast, far from the park (a good few blocks at least until she disappeared from view). She had flown behind the building below:

I had never noticed the lion figures on that particular building before. Hawking has gotten me into the habit of looking up and noticing new and beautiful things all around the city.

Neither Hawk reappeared after a long while so I went home.