Rosie and Bobby's tiny rat breakfasts - September 29th, 2012

Rosie and Bobby Hawk were hanging out in different sections of Washington Square Park this morning until Rosie joined Bobby on a branch at the eastern side of the park. They sat together for several minutes:

Rosie on the left, Bobby on the right:

Bobby glanced briefly at the large crowd below:

Rosie turned and flew to a new tree:

Bobby turned and flew to the ground to catch prey:

He flew to a new tree with a tiny rodent:



Rosie flew from her tree to a park path lamp post:

Watching a Peregrine Falcon fly overhead:


Nice talons:

Rosie dove after prey below her:

Tiny flying bugs looking like a constellation:

Rosie did not catch what she had hunted and returned to the same lamp post:

She sought new prey:


Happy shake:

She flew from the trees to a perch by the open square.

Bobby was on Judson Memorial Church's cross:

Rosie was on NYU's Kimmel Center just east of Bobby's perch:

She flew further east:

Flying past Bobst Library:

She was out of sight until she flew back toward Bobst Library. She seemed to come from around the corner, probably from Shimkin (where their second nest is located):

She flew right into the Bobst Library nest:

She flew from the nest to Bobby:

Rosie flew from the cross to the trees at the western side of the park:

She sat super high up in a tree and preened for a little while:

Bobby flew overhead and to a low building overlooking the western side of the park.

Rosie followed him:

She sat where she could see him. He had flown over the building she was sitting on:

She flew to him:

A small group of us looked from different angles but could not find where they wound up.

I left the park after a while and checked out the fire escape where Rosie and Bobby roosted last night:

The only evidence they were ever there the night before: