Bobby and Rosie's relaxation before checking in at the Red Roost Inn - October 23rd, 2012

Thankfully, Bobby and Rosie were easy to spot at Washington Square Park today.

They were both seated together at one of the round antennas on NYU's Education Building, overlooking the park from the southeast:

Rosie was on the round dish, Bobby behind her:

She swooped around:

She landed on a flag pole at NYU's Silver Center, a couple of buildings north of the Education Building:

She flew over the park square:

She landed in the trees at the western side of the park.

Bobby stayed where he was for the time being:

A couple of bats were swooping about, feasting on mosquitos from time to time:

Rosie was high up in a tree:

She flew over the park square again:

She disappeared so a friend and I kept our eyes on Bobby so we wouldn't lose him should he fly:

He flew off his perch 39 minutes after I first spotted him:

He landed on Judson Memorial Church:

Rosie soon reappeared and landed on a corner of NYU's Kimmel Center:

Bobby flew off the cross after a couple of minutes (just as a rain shower began) and headed right toward the Red Roost Inn:

My friend saw Rosie fly after him so I knew we might just be in luck and find them roosting together as they were last night.
They were:

It was difficult to tell which Hawk was which in the dark but I believe Rosie was the preening bird in front. Bobby's shape is more slender and sleek so I am pretty sure he's the bird closer to the pipe: