Bobby and Rosie's squirrel, rat, and pigeon - October 5th, 2012

Bobby showed up at the Judson Memorial Church cross right on schedule outside Washington Square Park today:

He flew off his perch after twenty minutes.

He had flown to a stashed squirrel catch. It was probably the same squirrel he caught yesterday.

A friend told me Rosie was spotted on a northwest park lawn so I went to have a look:

She was eating a rat. Tail going down:

Feaking, or wiping her beak clean:

A squirrel approached her:

She flew off her branch and to another lawn:

She caught a pigeon:

Admirers below her:

Look closely, there's a small pooch in the middle person's bag. Too cute!

Rosie brought her pigeon to a new tree:

Flying past the Holley Monument's head:

Rosie in one of her new trees:

She made her way across the street (Washington Square South) and landed on the NYU Law Building rain gutter, one of her favorite perches:

She entered the gutter and took a drink:

Bobby was still working on his squirrel, half an hour after the last time I was with him:

Rosie was still at the gutter:

Happy shake:

Picking his nails clean:

Bobby disappeared into the trees.

I stayed near Rosie for another ten minutes.

I got word that Bobby was behind the Holley Monument so I left Rosie to see him:

He eventually flew out of sight for the evening. When I returned to Rosie's perch, she too was gone for the evening.