Quick update - October 9th, 2012

Thanks to everyone who've written Park officials already and have passed the word about the rat bait boxes around. I've received great updates from several people who've let me know they've written to anyone who they think might listen. 

Bobby and Rosie haven't been seen in the last couple of days but it could be for a variety of reasons, not all of them sinister of course. 

I still have not heard back from anyone in the Parks Department so I do not yet know if there are mechanical traps housed in the rat bait boxes, non-toxic bait, or the common bait that has been lethal for so many of the city Hawks. It's the not knowing which is the worst bit. 

With the sun setting earlier and earlier, I will eventually only get to check in on Rosie and Bobby on the weekends but will continue to post any sightings my other Hawk-watching cohorts send me.

 - - - - - -

Evening update: A friend of the Hawks contacted me to report one of the Hawks (probably Bobby) was seen on and off Judson Memorial Church cross this afternoon. The last sighting was just fifteen minutes before I arrived at the park. I did not get to see any Hawks during my visit tonight. I did see all three bait boxes still in place.