Rosie and Bobby's high perches and Southern cross - October 21st, 2012

I saw neither Rosie or Bobby yesterday but did spot them today while in Washington Square Park. 

Rosie was perched high above on an antenna east of the park:

She was flying west.

Soaring past One Fifth Avenue (a huge apartment building just north of the park):

She landed on the corner of a building top along the western side of the park:

She hopped off the building and flew lower, heading more southwest.

I walked west from the center of the park to Washington Square West then to 6th Avenue along Washington Place since it looked like she was definitely headed as far as 6th Avenue.

I was seeing no birds in the vicinity of my corner of Washington Place and 6th so I walked south, looking for any sign of them.

I spotted two Hawks (who I presume were Rosie and Bobby) sitting together on the cross of Our Lady of Pompeii Church (at Bleecker and Carmine Streets):

The Hawks love their crosses.

I think it might have been Bobby on the top portion, Rosie below him. 

The Church is located across from two tiny parks I heard Rosie and Bobby's fledglings had been seen hanging out at when they were still in the area. I first wrote about the little parks here.

Who I believe was Bobby flew off his perch at the top of the cross (flying in the center of the photo):

Rosie stretched and flew off, following him:

They both had flown so far south, I knew it was not worth walking after them.

A closer look at Our Lady of Pompeii church:

I was not able to photograph the entire church in one photo because of the nature of my telephoto zoom lens.