Rosie and Bobby's multiple perches (and nest visit) before bedtime - October 19th, 2012

This post is late because I had (now resolved) computer issues last night. Rosie and Bobby perched and flew to many different locations before finally roosting in mystery places Friday night.


A Golden-crowned Kinglet was busy eating in a bush next to me:

Rosie high in her tree:

Rosie flew out of the park and to a building top at the northwest corner of the park (27 Washington Square North):

She landed on a terrace at 2 Fifth Avenue, a building now being renovated:

A Peregrine Falcon flew by:

Rosie soared and circled above the northern part of the park for a little while:

She tucked into a fast dive...

...and flew right into the nest:

Immediately after she landed in the nest, I saw Bobby fly from somewhere just west of her toward the northeastern side of the park.

Rosie left the nest:

Bobby wound up in the northwestern side of the park trees between the time Rosie was in the nest and before she landed on the cross:

Bobby was on the lower Judson Memorial Church cross, Rosie was still on the higher cross: