Snap trap and Fledermaus - October 18th, 2012

Today's Washington Square Park visit bore no Hawk sightings but there were minor adventures to be had.

There was still a bit of yesterday's pigeon on the dinner table lamp:

A friend I was with pointed out a new-looking rat trap under a tree at the southwestern area of the park.

I approached it to have a closer look.

A label on top read, "This snap trap contains non-toxic bait. It traps rats and presents no risk to other animals".

It seemed to me the reason for the clear and descriptive label was to inform those of us who are vocal about rat poison that the trap was not going to be dangerous to the Hawks. Kudos to the Parks Department for taking such measures.

A small Fledermaus (Bat) was circling around the southern area of the park:

It made several passes overhead until it disappeared from sight: