Day two in Melbourne - November 13th, 2012

Because of my spotty internet in my second hotel, I'll offer only the basic details of today's activities. I only had a few hours to kill between hotels so I visited the nearby Royal Botanic Gardens again to see if there was anything new to see and because it was such a great place to spend time in yesterday.

Australian Wood Ducks:

Australian White-Eyed Duck (also known as Hardhead):

Eurasian Coot:


Purple Swamphen with babies! Feeding time:

Little ones walking around the water plants, moving toward an adult:

Ridiculously big feet:

Begging baby:

The baby flapped its tiny winglets:

Nankeen (Rufous) Night-Heron:

It got harassed by an Australian Sulphur-crested Cockatoo:

Superb Fairy-wren (a magical bird):

Lone bird singing in the trees:

A Magpie having a brief rest:

Its neighbor hunting:

Cockatoo in a tree:

Australian Ravens having a sun bath:

Black swan and family:

Spotted Turtle Dove:

In my new hotel (an airport hotel with a view of the Melbourne skyline):

Bye bye, Melbourne. I'll be meeting with my birding tour tomorrow morning at 5:30AM. We'll be off to Hobart, Tasmania on an early flight. I'm not sure how my internet access will be from now on but I hope to post pretty regularly before I leave the country.