Post-Hurricane Sandy and Rosie and Bobby Hawk photos - November 2nd, 2012

The power in lower Manhattan came on while I was in Washington Square Park tonight thank goodness. I'm now able to share some photos I took of the area after Hurricane Sandy passed through the city and of the Hawks I saw the last couple of days.

Shot of a fallen BP gas station sign (taken on Tuesday the 30th):

Photos from Thursday, November 1st:

The Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawk nest held tough: 

Debris on the park lawns:

Branches already sawed into smaller pieces:

Bench near where a nice lady usually sits and listens to music as she feeds squirrels on the weekends:

The above signs' post:

Insulated building material from Two Fifth Avenue (building across the street):

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk flying over the buildings at the eastern side of the park:

I don't know if the juvenile was one of Rosie and Bobby's kids or if it was a passing migrant.

Tonight, Rosie on top of a flag pole at NYU's Education Building (eastern side of the park):

I lost sight of Rosie for a few minutes.

Side view of the Red Roost Inn (nickname for the Hawks' regular roost). Lots of white streaks on the side of the building to show where they had been sitting:

Rosie was back on her flag pole perch:

She sat with Bobby atop a regular perch east of the park where they take some potted plant bits for nest material:

My camera settings were slightly off but Rosie can be seen on the left with some plant material in her beak, Bobby on the right:

She flew off:

Entering the Bobst Library nest:

Bobby flew off his perch:

He disappeared while flying north:

Rosie left the nest and disappeared while flying west:

News chopper no doubt filming the newly-turned on lights in the area: