Southeastern Central Park Hawk and company - November 30th, 2012

I've been back at work keeping busy and spending my nights getting caught up on personal things so I haven't been able to bird much lately. 

I got the chance to spend a few minutes in the Southeastern section of Central Park yesterday and today during my lunch hour. I saw some nice mallards both days but not much else until I saw the Southeastern Red-Tailed Hawk I'd been seeing over the last year or so. 

Today's birding.

A curious and friendly (Mocking?) bird that checked me out and followed me around for a couple of minutes (it was probably expecting some treats!) Sorry, kiddo:

I was standing by the edge of the Pond watching some Mallards swim and carry on when I heard the Red-tailed Hawk cry out loudly as it soared in the sky above the water then land in a tree:

Another cry:

The Hawk flew above the Pond again before settling in a tree on the grounds of nearby Hallet Nature Sanctuary

The Hawk took off and flew far north. It was immediately chased by what looked like either another raptor or a Crow:

The Hawk disappeared for a few minutes before flying once more above the Pond and toward the western side of the park:

A mob of birds rushed toward it in anger as soon as it landed in its new tree (the two Time Warner Center skyscrapers in the background):

Angry Mockingbirds:

Cleaning its beak:

The Hawk flew away from its tormentors after two minutes.

It flew north again. It was about time I returned to the office so I started heading back, camera on though in case the Hawk came into view again.

It did!

En route to one of its favorite perches, The Plaza:

This time I really had to go.

It's a good thing I turned around again because the Hawk took to the sky once again:

Tucking into a steep dive:

Atop another of its favorite building perches (tail feathers in sight):

Office-bound and a shot of the annual Christmas star (the UNICEF snowflake) above 5th Ave and 57th Street: