Thanksgiving with Bobby, Rosie, and juvenile - November 22nd, 2012

Today was the first in 18 days since I'd seen Bobby and Rosie (the longest stretch since I started documenting them a year and a half ago). 

I had walked around Washington Square Park for about half an hour when I saw what looked like a Red-tailed Hawk fly to One Fifth Avenue (the large apartment building north of the park). I didn't see where it landed so I figured it must be on the opposite side of the building from me. As I scanned the building I saw a shape on top of the roof's heating vent:

It was Rosie:

She flew off the building and soared in a few circles above the western side of the park:

I then saw Bobby soaring nearby:

The two Hawks disappeared while flying west outside of the park. Searching for them was unsuccessful so I left the park to get last minute Thanksgiving ingredients.

As I approached my neighborhood I looked at a building across the street to see if the juvenile I saw late yesterday may be sitting there again (as Hawks tend to keep regular perches) and it was!

It watched a few pigeons that had just gathered from being fed by someone:

An adult Red-tail soared behind the juvenile. I was having a pretty lucky Hawk day. The Hawk looked a bit like Bobby who's been known to fly very far east from WSP. 

The juvenile then hopped off the building and chased after a couple of pigeons. I lost track of it for a couple of minutes until I saw it fly over the nearby buildings and fly further east: