Berkshires: Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area & Beaver Pond

Today's hiking trip was to little-known Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area in Northampton, Massachusetts. Not even the Massachusetts State Police who I asked for more precise directions had ever heard of it (even though the street leading to the park was across the street from the station). Thankfully, his coworker knew of it and printed out a trail map for me and my friend.

Planks over wet areas of the hiking path:

A curious Chickadee perched in the open window in the hide and peeked at me. It flew off before I could photograph it.

Luckily for me, it landed on a tree in eyeshot of the blind:

The woods were so quiet, we only heard this Chickadee, a few crows, and a Cardinal the entire time we were there.

A notice at the entrance to the trail mentioned that the recent storm may have broken trees and left them or branches on the paths. I assume the storm mentioned was Hurricane Sandy.

There was some evidence of the storm along the path:

Three acorns neatly left on a rock, must have been from a squirrel meal:

Nice boulder:

A 40 minute drive away was my favorite beaver pond in the area (out by Plainfield):

The last time I was at the pond was October of last year when it was still warm outside.

Beaver den: