Bobby and Rosie's high perches before bedtime - December 15th, 2012

I got to Washington Square Park late but still managed to spend over an hour with Bobby and Rosie today.

One Hawk flew from behind me and headed west:

I was not able to tell if the Hawk was Bobby, Rosie, or another Hawk altogether:

I thought the Hawk would land on the building topper as Bobby has been doing often lately but the bird kept flying west:

Another Hawk appeared eight minutes later, flying to the park from the north:

The Hawk may have been Bobby but I could not be sure.

It tucked into its tight diving shape and dove past the buildings at the west:

Building from where I stood:

Two minutes later, Bobby appeared for real (from the north) and landed on his building topper:

He flew off after 24 minutes, heading east:

Flying past 2 Fifth Avenue:

He landed on NYU's Silver Center (building overlooking the eastern side of the park):

Rosie appeared and flew to his building after two minutes:

Bobby flew off his perch after 20 minutes:

He headed east:

I was glad he moved because I was starting to freeze standing more or less in place in the cold.

He flew low behind Judson Memorial Church (maybe to hunt pigeons that perch back there). 

He disappeared. Rosie followed him, perching higher than him:

Bobby rose up and landed on the church cross:


She flew into the Bobst Libary nest but I wasn't able to photograph her landing there since trees were in my way and I had to put my camera down to watch where she was headed.

She flew from the nest to a tree at the eastern side of the park after two minutes:

Bobby was still on the cross:

He flew off the cross then headed north and east of Rosie ten minutes after she landed in her tree:

I lost sight of him in the trees, it was so dark. A tourist family standing nearby watched him and seemed to see where he landed but I did not want to bother them and ask where he was (and I didn't want to walk away from Rosie and miss where she might next fly). She flew off her branch after three minutes:

I lost sight of her eventually as well.

I checked their regular evening roost (the Red Roost Inn as we call it) and other common roosts but did not see where they decided to tuck in.