Brief Central Park Hawk visit - December 11th, 2012

I visited Southeastern Central Park later than usual but still saw some good Hawkery!

The last time I had used my camera was on Saturday when I was out late with Bobby and Rosie in Washington Square Park. I forgot to change that night's ISO settings to appropriate ones for today's brighter lighting (I know, I'm talking shop) so my first several photos from today are a bit off. But I don't mind these new pics' effects so it's all good!

I first saw one of the two regular Grand Army Plaza Hawks accompanied by Starlings:

Heading straight to The Plaza as if on cue:

On one of its favorite perches (seen there repeatedly): 

Its friend soared above The Plaza and around Grand Army Plaza:

Flying along 5th Avenue buildings:

Camera settings more back to normal:

The Plaza Hawk watched the other Hawk while it digested what was obviously a big meal:

Hawk flying in front of the Sherry-Netherland Hotel (mid-right):

Soaring in front of the General Motors Building at 5th and 59th Street:

Heading in to land on a Sherry-Netherland gargoyle:

It sat for only a couple of minutes before soaring again:

Tucked in to land at The Plaza:

Perching on a Plaza flag pole:

The other Hawk below it:

The flag pole Hawk was off again:

I had to head back to work. It's been a pretty busy week for me so far so I am behind in working on and posting the rest of my Tasmania trip photos. I'll try to get them all up by this weekend.