Christmas with Bobby and Rosie - December 25th, 2012

Today is Christmas and Bobby and Rosie's One Year Anniversary. Last night, Christmas Eve, was a bit rough for me as it was the anniversary of Violet's rescue and all I could think about was how much I and everyone else was pulling for her even though the odds were so very much against her. The loss of her is still very sad and I know I'm not alone in that sentiment.

But time moved on and Rosie and Bobby had two beautiful kids together and are always delighting us with their presence and interactions with each other so it was wonderful, as usual, to see them today.


Roses in bloom on one of the lawns:

I first discovered Bobby tonight as he sat on the building outside the southwest corner of the park.

Rosie flew in from the south (from MacDougal Street) and landed on an air conditioner not far below him:

She flew off the air conditioner and to a building topper at the northwest corner of the park:

She soared above the park and over me and my friend before landing on One Fifth Avenue (the large apartment building outside the northern side of the park):

Bobby flew behind his building and out of sight.

Then Rosie disappeared.

I finally spotted Bobby again after about fifteen minutes. He was on a lower perch of his original building:

He flew to another perch after fifteen minutes:

He landed on a regular dinner table on the NYU Law Building (south of the park). He then flew to a more western corner of the building:

He was going for leftovers to dine on before going to bed:

Feaking, or wiping his beak clean:

Picking his talons clean as well:

He had eaten for about four minutes.

He flew straight to the Red Roost Inn (the Hawks' regular evening roost):

My friend and I waited for Rosie in the hopes she would join him tonight. 

She arrived eleven minutes later, flying in from the east:

I bid the pair goodnight.

One World Trade Center still under construction (and bedecked in Christmas lighting):

The park's Christmas Tree: