Grand Army Plaza Hawk and other birds - December 6th, 2012

A quick jaunt to Central Park with some good Hawking!

I saw my more tawny-colored Red-tailed Hawk circling above Grand Army Plaza when I was still a good two blocks away from the park:

It disappeared for a few seconds while flying behind Bergdorf's and toward The Plaza:

When I was closer to the park I saw the Hawk fly to and land on the Sherry-Netherland Hotel tower (a favorite perch):

The Hawk flew off the Hotel/apartment building and flew over the park, dipping beyond the tree line on the northwestern side of the park:

I took the Hawk break to photograph The Plaza:

If one of the Hawks was on its favorite Plaza perches, you'd see it sitting between the fourth and fifth windows from the left, third window level from the bottom (or maybe I should just say under the wide terrace-looking cornice feature:


A Sparrow hopped over to see what was going on:

Food crumbs on its beak:

There were still no Hawks to be seen so I went to the Pond and saw a female Wood Duck:

I saw a male yesterday.

Juvenile Starling:

Its friend:

I approached the Sherry-Netherland Hotel again and saw the Red-tailed Hawk had returned:

A Mallard coming in for a landing at the Pond distracted me:

Not great photos but fun to share:

Closer to the Sherry Hawk:

I had to go back to work so I bid it adieu.