One guest at the Red Roost Inn - December 1st, 2012

I did not go a-Hawkin' today but did stop by the Red Roost Inn (Rosie and Bobby's regular evening roost) on my way home tonight. One of the Hawks was all tucked in, looking fast asleep. It was a beautiful sight to see. My friend and I looked through the Washington Square Park trees to see if the other Hawk was roosting in one of them but no, it was obviously sleeping elsewhere.

Earlier in the day:
The juvenile Red-tailed Hawk I saw perched across from my apartment building a couple of times before in the last week and a half was back!

Sorry about the poor quality of these photos but I was shooting through a window:

A murmuration of Starlings joined the Hawk on rebar perches:

Picking talons clean:

Fifteen minutes after I spotted the Hawk, it flew off its perch and scared up a flock of pigeons: