Southeastern Central Park Hawks and company - December 3rd, 2012

I don't always have the chance to but today I got outside during lunch to enjoy the warmer than usual weather. I headed straight to the southeastern area of Central Park to look for its resident Red-tailed Hawks. I saw one of the Hawks dive off the Sherry-Netherland Hotel (a regular perch of theirs) as soon as I was a block from the park.

One of the Hawks:

Its friend (on yet another of their favorite perches along 5th Avenue):

A closer look:

I couldn't tell 'who was who' but the Hawk that had been flying got into a fight with a third Hawk:

A close encounter but no contact:

I don't know if this is one of the Hawks I'd been following over the last year but if the dark spot/dot on one of its tail feathers is a permanent feature, I hope to see this Hawk again:

"Dot" disappeared while flying northwest.

The other Hawk, the one I recognize as being one of the Southeastern Hawks (and who had been fortifying a nest on the Crown Building) flew from near the Pierre Hotel and over the park's Grand Central Plaza:

It flew northeast and dropped near the tree line by 5th Avenue:

"Dot" reappeared and soared around the area of the park between the Pond and 5th Avenue before disappearing northeast as well:

Since both Hawks were out of sight, I left the park and returned to work.