Bobby, Rosie, and fledgling(s?) - July 30th, 2012

I saw Bobby and Rosie were being harassed by Kestrels when I was a block away from Washington Square Park. They were soaring above the block north of the park. 

Bobby flying to safety:

Atop One Fifth Avenue:

Rosie on the right, Bobby on the left:

Cocking her head to the side, watching him preen:

One of the Kestrels appeared and dive-bombed them (never making contact though):

Rosie on the left:

One of their fledglings flew from the south, behind One Fifth, then landed on a favorite perch atop a building at University Place and 8th Street:

One Fifth on the left:

A Mockingbird arrived and harassed the fledgling. There seems to be a family of Mockingbirds that lives by that building because almost any time a Hawk lands on that building, they give them troubles:

The fledgling flew off its perch, heading downwards (either to a lower perch or to swoop down and fly at a lower level). I could not see where it went.

Bobby and Rosie got harassed again themselves:

Bobby left his perch and soared around One Fifth:

Soaring behind Two Fifth:

A fledgling appeared and flew toward One Fifth.

I couldn't tell if it was the same fledgling that was on the wire grate perch.

Crying despite looking full:

Rosie watched her child fly below her:

Rosie stretched then flew off her perch:

Rosie disappeared while heading north (to Union Square Park maybe?).


How is it that a raptor can be so adorable?

The fledgling looked relaxed as if it were resting while digesting. I left to go home and have my own dinner.