Morning relaxation with Bobby then Rosie - September 30th, 2012

Bobby was nice and relaxed when I first spotted him in Washington Square Park this morning.

He scanned the ground beneath him for prey but did not hunt.

Off to a tree further south:

Looking at him through a slit in construction netting:

He hopscotched on a couple of more trees until he flew out of the park and soared above the northern section:

Rosie rose into view and soared a little herself before disappearing behind low building tops.


Bobby then soared above the park square:

Rosie joined Bobby in his soaring. They soared together above the southwestern side of the park. Unfortunately, my telephoto zoom lens didn't allow for me to photograph both of them in the same frame.

Rosie disappeared when she flew far east.

Bobby flew far west at first:

Then high above the southern section:

Then headed east (above Bobst Library in the photo below):

Rosie on a high railing. She'd been seen gathering nesting material from the potted plants below her.

She flew overhead and toward the park:

I ran to the corner southeast of the park and only just saw her fly northwest of One Fifth Avenue. Searches for the Hawks over the next half hour or so were unsuccessful.

Hours later, I heard from other Hawk-watchers that the Hawks were back, flying above the park and visiting the Bobst Library nest.