Rosie's rodent and earlier adventures with Bobby - October 28th, 2012

By the time I got to Washington Square Park today I had already missed seeing Rosie visit the nest, her and Bobby fighting off Peregrine Falcons, and Rosie hunting and killing a squirrel.

Bobby had left the park a few minutes before I arrived so I only saw Rosie but it was a great visit because she was very active. 

Perched on One Fifth Avenue:

Flying to the construction area atop Two Fifth Avenue:

A construction worker busy nearby:

It was already a cloudy and windy day even though Hurricane Sandy isn't expected to hit New York City in any substantial way until the overnight hours.

A couple of pigeon flocks flew sporadically far below Rosie's perch:

Passing Geese:

Rosie watched them pass:

Safety in numbers:

Rosie flew off her perch and toward the trees at the eastern side of the park:

At another tree:

Flying back to the western side:

She landed in a tree but flew off it as soon as I got close to her:

She was on her way to chasing squirrels that were on the other side of the park:

Extended wings behind the man in the glasses:

She missed the squirrels so flew to a nearby tree:

She flew back to the western side of the park:

Down in a couple of gulps:

Washing up:

There were a few Warblers about, foraging for food on the lawn and even in Rosie's tree:

Rosie was eyeing them intently:

She dove after one:

But she missed.

She soared several times above the western side of the park:

She eventually disappeared beyond the eastern side of the park: