Southeastern Central Park Hawk and company - November 30th, 2012

I've been back at work keeping busy and spending my nights getting caught up on personal things so I haven't been able to bird much lately. 

I got the chance to spend a few minutes in the Southeastern section of Central Park yesterday and today during my lunch hour. I saw some nice mallards both days but not much else until I saw the Southeastern Red-Tailed Hawk I'd been seeing over the last year or so. 

Today's birding.

A curious and friendly (Mocking?) bird that checked me out and followed me around for a couple of minutes (it was probably expecting some treats!) Sorry, kiddo:

I was standing by the edge of the Pond watching some Mallards swim and carry on when I heard the Red-tailed Hawk cry out loudly as it soared in the sky above the water then land in a tree:

Another cry:

The Hawk flew above the Pond again before settling in a tree on the grounds of nearby Hallet Nature Sanctuary

The Hawk took off and flew far north. It was immediately chased by what looked like either another raptor or a Crow:

The Hawk disappeared for a few minutes before flying once more above the Pond and toward the western side of the park:

A mob of birds rushed toward it in anger as soon as it landed in its new tree (the two Time Warner Center skyscrapers in the background):

Angry Mockingbirds:

Cleaning its beak:

The Hawk flew away from its tormentors after two minutes.

It flew north again. It was about time I returned to the office so I started heading back, camera on though in case the Hawk came into view again.

It did!

En route to one of its favorite perches, The Plaza:

This time I really had to go.

It's a good thing I turned around again because the Hawk took to the sky once again:

Tucking into a steep dive:

Atop another of its favorite building perches (tail feathers in sight):

Office-bound and a shot of the annual Christmas star (the UNICEF snowflake) above 5th Ave and 57th Street:

Day 3: Tasmania birding tour: Orielton Lagoon, Cradle Mountain

Day 3. Waking up in Hobart with a rainbow out the window:

Actually, it was a double rainbow:

After breakfast we loaded up our luggage in the van and headed over to Ralphs Bay Conservation Area by Lauderdale to look for water and shore birds:

Masked Lapwings and a White-faced Heron:


Pied Oystercatchers, Masked Lapwings, and what looked like a 2nd year immature Pacific Gull:

We stopped at Pipeclay Lagoon and had a look at some Noisy Miners (note the tongue) among other birds that were further in the distance. Wikipedia describes this positioning thusly, "The 'trident bill display' involves a fully open bill with the tongue raised and protruding and is a higher-intensity submissive display."

We found a parking spot along a busy road to check out some far away water birds.

Musk Duck:

Great Crested Grebe:

Eurasian Skylark as shot through the van window:

Out of the van and a look at Black Swans:

A better view of the Eurasian Skylark:

I am pretty sure these were Little Black Cormorants:

A main focus of our day was to visit a shore off Orielton Lagoon Nature Reserve:

Red-capped Plovers among the plants:

We left the lagoon and got back on the road.

Galahs foraging on a lawn by the side of the road:

Swamp Harrier:

Australian Shelducks:

Black Swan:

Eurasian Coots:

A juvenile Magpie begged its mum for food (its cries were adorable-sounding):

Hoary-headed Grebe:

Australian Shoveler and Eurasian Coots:

Interesting plant growth patterning:

Wild deer:

What looks like lifeless terrain actually has a few Banded Lapwings on it:

We arrived at our next destination for the evening, Cradle Mountain Lodge. There are several animals that casually forage on the grounds near people who stay there (including wallabies, wombats, and echidnas). 

A wombat rushed across the parking lot road (from one lawn to another):

A Bennett's wallaby was on the lawn the wombat rushed over to:

The wombat and wallaby munched on the grass near each other.

View of the pond from my room. A platypus (which I saw and photographed the following day) lives there:

Great view, too bad I only had about a half hour to enjoy it before it was time to go to dinner then bed! :)

Day 2 in Tasmania.
Day 1 in Tasmania.